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Here I am, Yey!

Geerad Butlah

hello thar;

i’m molly. I’m fifteen years of age and I was born in new castle, indiana but I moved to tennessee when I was just nine. My birthdate is march sixteenth, making me a pisces, if you follow that sort of thing. i’m different in many ways; I think outside of the box and I am spontaneous. People misjudge me, take me for granted, and my feelings are often overlooked. I see my purpose in life as to being there for others when I can and being supportive of my friends & family in whatever they want to go after. I have no self-esteem; but that’s okay, because somehow I still manage to live life the best I can. i’m often thought of as either shy and introverted or loud and extroverted—people never really see me as intelligent anymore, but as a goofball. i’ve been through everything. You name it. There is not anything I cannot relate to somehow, i’m single and always have been but I have an amazing grip on relationships & have had my share of problems i’ve needed to work through. I am in a hurry to grow up but that does not stop me from smelling the roses along the way. I write on my own time and fanfictions are a love of mine. I am not a poet, I am not much of one anyway. Music inspires me, I look for music that I can relate to at a specific time. i’m more grown up than i’ve ever been and i’m blunt as ever. you can typically find me at my tumblr.

To me, you are perfectly imperfect. You are strange & beautiful. But I can only see you when my eyes are closed. - Jac Vanek.

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